Editing Samples

Vox Magazine

These editing clips were produced spring 2012 while working as a department editor for Vox‘s Books and Endnotes sections. In each PDF, the manuscript of an early draft is followed by its later version that ran in print.

Poetry from Pain (Anchor)

Battle of the eReaders (Anchor)

Vox Asks Columbians: What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? (Recurring section)

Review: This is How (Anchor)

Dynamic Duos (Feature; Series of vignettes; Also wrote display copy, including intro text, heds, deks and captions)

Hart-land, Missouri (Anchor)

A Conversation with Connie Leipard (Recurring section)

Indicative of the Language, Subjunctive of Differences (Secondary)

Unconventional Wisdom (Anchor; compilation)

Vox Asks Columbians: Who do you wish were your neighbor? (Recurring section)

Vox Asks Columbians: What’s the gutsiest thing you’ve ever done? (Recurring section)

A Conversation with Greg Steinhoff (Recurring section)

Finding Truth in Fiction/On the Nightstand with Ashley Ream (Anchor/Recurring section)

A Conversation with Kerrie Bloss (Recurring section)

Guy Gone Wild (Feature; Also wrote display copy, including hed, dek and captions)

Vox Asks Columbians: What do you miss most about being a kid? (Recurring section)

Book Review: A Good American (Anchor)

Read This: Art & Soul (Secondary)

Vox iPad Issue App

During the spring 2012 semester, each Vox department editor took a shift in helping to produce the Vox iPad Issue App. Duties included choosing which stories to translate from print to tablet, obtaining extra photos for splash pages, writing shorter display copy and proofreading the galleys. The app was produced in both portrait and horizontal orientations.

03.01.12 Issue


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