Domestic diva

At home, that’s what I am. Cooking and baking are my loves, and with our kitchen limitations here at the William Street Residence (we only have a microwave and a hot plate and no pots and pans to cook with), I’ve been feeling extremely deprived lately. Today, my kitchen craving was fulfilled. Redbook’s food editor, Babs, invited me to help her out in the test kitchen as she was testing a recipe she had just developed. The test kitchen in the Hearst Tower looks like something you’d see on the Food Network. It has every appliance, tool and gadget you could ever imagine or need. I was in heaven. Every month Redbook has a feature called “Restaurant Redo” in which they take a dish from a chain restaurant that’s calorie-heavy and give you a recipe for a healthier version that tastes just as good. Today we tested Boston Market’s chicken pot pie and made our own. I got to help prep the ingredients: chopping fresh herbs, cutting and shredding chicken and zesting and juicing a lemon. The best part was, of course, the taste test. It was delicious. It was a wonderful experience to cook and chat with Babs, and she even gave me some great advice on how to combine my two loves, journalism and food. I look forward to my next adventure (which is next week!) in Redbook’s test kitchen!


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